Nintendo Switch The Ultimate 3 in 1 Game System

Why is the Nintendo Switch the Ultimate 3 in 1 Game System?


Nintendo developed a game system that is completely portable.  You are not tethered to your TV unless you want to be.  The system allows you to take it in the car and further can be synced with 8 other Nintendo Switch Systems to allow for multi-player games.  Also the controllers have motion sensors and a built in camera allowing you to  play active motion games similar to the popular Wii games!  No need for three separate systems so thus less expense and more fun!

Nintendo Switch:Shortcomings Resolved

One criticism was that the screen is soft plastic and can easily be scratched.  THis can be cheaply remedied by purchasing a screen protector.

Another shortcoming pointed out in reviews was the battery life and the kickstand used to play when not hooked to a TV. Again I found a remedy for these issues here:

Obviously if you are going to be moving this about a lot and you travel frequently a good hard protective case will protect your investment.


One other tip is that if the new price strains your budget there are a number of used Nintendo Switch systems for sale on Amazon.  

You could pick one of these up and use the savings to get the accessories above.

Overall my research shows that most Nintendo users enjoyed and got a lot of use out of their Nintendo Switch System.


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